The OLS Crusader school newsletter – 2013/2014 (7 issues)

During the 2013/2014 school year, we launched The OLS Crusader school newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter was to have students – in their own words – inform the school and parish community about all the great things happening at OLS School every day.

We produced seven (7) issues from November ’13 through May ’14. The articles were written by OLS Students from Grades 4-8, highlighting numerous examples of academic excellence and Catholic values at OLS.

Here are just a few examples of what we learned: 

*OLS Students met with Governor Christie (Issue 1-November) 
*OLS won the Soccer Championship (Issue 2-early December) 
*OLS won the 18th Annual Seton Hall Quiz Bowl (Issue 3-late December) 
*OLS Pre-K staged a fantastic Christmas Show (Issue 4-January) 
*OLS hosted the 40th Annual February Frenzy – the longest-running grammar school basketball tournament in NJ (Issue 6-April) 
*OLS Science Expo was a huge success (Issue 7-May) 
And, in 2014/2015, we have more issues of The OLS Crusader on the way!

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