STEM-Friendly School


Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

STEM initiatives are a staple of an OLS education. The Science and Computer Education departments partner on joint projects throughout the year. Here are a few examples of STEM-friendly activities at OLS:

Roller Coaster Engineering
Students design roller coasters using a simulation program, which requires them to calculate the speed, weight, angles and slopes needed to get the coasters around the track. Then, the students build scale models of the roller coasters to determine if their designs work.

Sphero Robotic Ball
The Sphero is a robotic ball that students control via iPad. They navigate the Sphero through challenging obstacle courses. In addition, the students learn the fundamentals of computer programming while sharpening their Math and Science skills.

Computer Coding
OLS students learn that coding can be lots of fun. By using innovative programs such as Scratch/Scratch Jr., Code Studio, Kodable, and Tynker, the students get hands-on experience creating their own interactive games, stories, and animations. And, building on the overwhelming enthusiasm generated by this year’s “Hour of Code“, OLS is launching a new Coding Club in January. Game on!

Student Websites/Blogs
OLS students create and maintain their own websites and blogs, populating the sites with content that’s relevant to them – current events, local news, school goings-on, etc.

To learn more about our Science and Computer Education programs, please visit our Curriculum-By Subject page.

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