Computer Education

Our Computer curriculum begins in Preschool 4 when children learn how to use a mouse. Reading readiness programs such as Starfall and Kidopo are used, and the children are introduced to various paint and create programs.

Kindergarten: Reading readiness is emphasized and beginning math programs which complement classroom instruction are used to provide fun and engaging work for students. Students are also introduced to MS Word for Cut/Copy/Paste practice. Recommended Sites for Home Use.

The importance of correct method of keyboarding (typing) is emphasized and practiced in all grades. Ten Best Keyboarding Tips

Grades 1-3: Topics include word processing, keyboarding, drawing and computer literacy. Students are also introduced to MS PowerPoint and Publisher programs. Students use several web-based programs which reinforce, enhance or extend lessons taught in their classrooms. Students are also introduced to Coding, using Kodable, Tynker, and Scratch, Jr.

Students are introduced to the Internet as a research tool beginning in the 3rd grade. Students become familiar with Internet vocabulary, are introduced to various search engines and are assigned projects which require them to use the internet as a researching tool.

Grades 4-5: Students are taught more advanced skills on the Microsoft Office family of programs. Keyboarding skills continue to be taught. Various Web 2.0 programs are utilized to increase their proficiency with technology.

Grades 5-8: Keyboarding skills are continued. Students work with Microsoft PowerPoint to create slideshows including animation, sound and video clips. MS Excel is introduced and simple formulas and graphing elements are taught. MS Publisher is used to create reports, flyers and newsletters. Students also use Web 2.0 programs which reinforce, enhance or extend lessons taught in their classrooms.

Ethical use of Internet resources is emphasized in all grades. Students also receive lessons on cyberbullying, safety behavior for chat-rooms, and general internet safety.