The demerit system that has been used in grade 6 – 8 for the past few years has now been expanded to grades 1 – 8, with a few adjustments.

Please read the important notes below:

  1. A demerit is a means of tracking behavior with a means of enforcing the decorum and conduct expected of the students at OLS.
    Students receive a physical copy of the demerit after having violated the code of conduct.
  2. Demerits will also be handed out to students 1 – 8 who are late in the morning. This has replaced the early-morning detention system and is all included under the revised policy.
  3. In grades 1 – 3, students who receive 5 demerits receive a lunch/recess detention.
  4. In grades 4 – 8, students who receive 5 demerits receive an after school detention. Student will receive a notice that is to be signed and returned to school.
  5. Students violating the Code of Conduct in a severe fashion will be issued a detention. These include physical altercations as well as disrespect.
  6. Students who receive frequent demerits may have their parents called in for a conference at the discretion of the faculty.

We appreciate your cooperation in reinforcing the conduct expected from all students at OLS.