2018-19 Registration Now Open!

2018-19 Registration is now open

Our Lady of Sorrows School is proud to announce that registration for the 2018-19 school year is now open! Parents who are interested in sending their children to OLS School (Pre-K, K-8) are encouraged to schedule a school tour as soon as possible, before class spaces fill up.

At OLS School, we are very excited about the future. Come join our growing community filled with wonderful teachers, fantastic students, passionate parents, and our great new Principal (Ms. Judy Foley).

Register now to guarantee your child(ren)’s space at Our Lady of Sorrows School. We strongly recommend that all parents register no later than March 1, because classes tend to fill up quickly. Please schedule a tour today!

Open House at OLS!

OLS School Open House - Sun Jan 28

Please join us at our Open House for Pre-K and K-8!

We’ll have a wide variety of activities for attendees:

  • Meet our new Principal – Ms. Judy Foley – and OLS Teachers & Parents
  • Tour the School Campus led by Student and Parent Tour Guides
  • Check out our new Interactive Library Media Center!
  • Arts & Crafts projects
  • Fun treats and refreshments

Register for OLS Open House today!

OLS Open House details

Sunday, January 28, 2018
10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
OLS School, 172 Academy St, South Orange

Also, don’t miss the 9:30 a.m. Student Mass at OLS Church – immediately prior to the OLS Open House. The entire school will be in attendance, with students handling primary mass duties: altar servers, readers, bringing up the gifts, etc.

See the best that Our Lady of Sorrows School has to offer on Sunday, January 28!

Play-Based Learning: 7 Easy Things to Do at Home with Your Preschooler

Preschool play-based learning | OLS School

Play is the work of children!

In today’s fast-paced, high tech society, children have fewer and fewer opportunities to use and develop their creativity and imaginations. Play and play-based learning unlocks their creativity and develops their language, reading, thinking and problem solving skills.

Low-tech toys are age-appropriate for preschool children. Blocks, animals, building and connecting toys, vehicles, dolls, pretend food and ordinary household items are perfect for encouraging your child’s imagination.

Play-based learning is the foundation of our OLS Pre-K program, and there are many ways to incorporate these same ideas into your child’s daily routine at home as well.

Play-Based Learning for Preschoolers: 7 Easy Things to Do at Home

1. Make Patterns

Have your child sort Legos by color or make a pattern out of the different sizes and colors.

2. Create

Play-based learning is great for Preschoolers | OLS SchoolProvide a plastic container filled with large and small beads and pipe cleaners. Have your child string the beads to make bracelets for family members or even create creatures like snakes.

3. Organize

Ask your child to help you unload the dishwasher by sorting large forks and small forks, then large spoons and small spoons.

4. Matching

Let them match socks while you do laundry.

5. Experiment

Fill the kitchen sink with colored water and glitter. Let them pour water from container to container. Add ice cubes. What happens to them? Add a variety of objects. What will sink? What will float?

6. Collages / Art Projects

Play-based learning for Pre-K - Art Projects | OLS SchoolProvide your child with a basket filled with old magazines, paper, glue sticks, tape and child-safe scissors. Have them cut out things that are: hot, cold, red, green etc. and create a collage.

7. Kids’ Space

Allocate a Kids’ Cabinet in your kitchen and fill it with old pots and pans, wooden spoons and other kitchen items that will engage your child while you prepare dinner. Be sure to include your child in the meal preparation whenever possible.

Play-based learning is enjoyable for your preschooler and you. Look around your house and let your (and your child’s) imagination lead the way and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

6 Tips for a Successful Transition to Middle School

Learning in Middle School

Middle school is a big adjustment for both children and parents. Your child is going from the oldest class in primary school, to the bottom of the stack in middle school. It can seem as if overnight their level of personal responsibility has grown.

The caliber of work increases, and students are expected to do more on their own. Your child is going to be moving through a fast-paced schedule and will have to get used to all new teachers and teaching styles.

Middle school can be a big change from the “hand-holding” and familiarity of primary school.

As difficult as this transition can be, there are ways to make it easier.

Planning for Middle School

In middle school, organization and planning are keys to long-term success. With a proper structure in place, your child will be in the best position to succeed. Here are some helpful tips for getting your child ready for the transition to middle school…

6 Tips for a Successful Transition to Middle School (infographic)


(Hint: Click to enlarge. Enjoy!)

Academic Excellence

For 125 years, Our Lady of Sorrows School has provided a top-notch education to the children of South Orange, Maplewood and surrounding towns. And, with recognition from elite academic institutions such as the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, OLS continues to deliver on the promise of high-level academic achievement today.

Interested in a tour of OLS School?

Meet our new Principal, Ms. Judy Foley. Tour the school campus. Learn about all the exciting things happening at OLS School. Request a tour today!