School Procedures

Absences and Early Pickup

In the event that your child is sick or otherwise absent from school, a parent is required to notify the school office in the morning of the absence. Notification to the school may be made by calling the main number at 973-762-5169 or by email to

Children who miss a day of school should call by 11:00 a.m., if they would like to request to pick up the homework assignment for the child at the end of the school day or to have the information emailed to them at the email on file.

In the event that your child must leave school during the day, it is requested that you write a brief note indicating your child’s name, grade and the time at which you wish to pick up your child. Parents are strongly encouraged to make appointments for routine physicals, dental appointments or orthodontic appointments after school hours, unless there is an ongoing medical requirement or emergency that necessitates that the child be seen by a physician during school hours.

In the event that a child must leave school because of an illness, we request that an authorized adult come to pick up the child from the premises. Children who have headaches, fever, rashes, stomach aches, or sore throats are encouraged to stay home.

New Jersey law requires that a parent send in a written and signed note from the parent indicating the reason why the child missed school, for example, had a cold, strep throat, stomach virus etc.

Drop Off and Dismissal

School is open at 7:45 to receive children in the auditorium. Student walkers, who live within walking distance enter the school building through the front door. Children who are dropped off by car in the morning, enter the school along the path from the parking lot. In the morning, teachers are stationed along the path.

At the end of the day Children are dismissed to the authorized individuals designated for pickup. Children who live within walking distance leave through the front door. Students being picked up by school bus or by car are picked up from the parking lot area under the supervision of the school’s teachers. If your child will be leaving with another school parent, you must leave written instructions with the school on the day of pickup designating who will be picking up your child.

After-care is available on an as-needed basis for all children (K-8) for a nominal daily fee. After-care hours are currently from 2:45 and 5:60 p.m. Should you decide to place your child in aftercare for the day, you must either leave a written note with the school secretary at the front desk or send one in with your child to their homeroom teacher.

Pre K-3/4

Please refer to the Pre-K Handbook

Delayed Opening

In the event that there is a delayed opening or school is canceled due to inclement weather, you will receive a phone call using our Honeywell Instant Alert and/or email blast service alerting you of the cancellation or delayed opening. In addition information will be posted on the web site. In order to ensure that you receive timely notification, please make sure that your phone numbers and all other contact information is kept up to date.

Change in Contact Information

If you need to alert us of a change in your telephone numbers at home, your cell phone, your email or your address, please either drop off the information at the front desk or send an email to the school secretary at