Prospective Parents

We appreciate your interest in Our Lady of Sorrows School and are excited to help your child get started. You have entrusted us with the care of your children, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We give you our word that they will be led to explore, to discover, to think, to judge, to decide, to expand, to grow, to reach for the stars, but most of all, to love – fully recognizing that the spiritual dimension is needed to realize their final destiny with God.

The benefit of attending Catholic schools

Catholic school students:

  • Score in the top 28 percent or higher in core subjects
  • Rank in the top 50 percent in all academic subjects
  • Perform significantly above grade level
  • Benefit from an education that stresses Catholic values to challenge the mind and encourage spiritual growth
  • Stay in high school longer
  • Attend college at a high rate

    They are neither yours nor mine
    They belong to God
    So let us give them all that we can
    That is good and true
    Before they leave us
    On their journey into tomorrow