Registration & Tuition

Requirements for Admission

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate must be submitted for proof of age.
  • Pre-K2.5 – child must be two (2) years old on or before April 1.
  • Pre-K3 – child must be three (3) years old on or before October 1, and must be toilet-trained.
  • Pre-K4 – child must be four (4) years old on or before October 1, and must be toilet-trained.
  • Kindergarten – child must be five (5) years old on or before October 1.
  • 1st Grade – child must be six (6) years old on or before October 1.

Inquiries are welcome at any time, and personal tours are available upon request.

Please contact us to learn more about admissions to Our Lady of Sorrows School.

Registration Fee & Tuition

Registration Fee
There is a non-refundable $300 registration fee per family, due at the time of registration.

Tuition Rates

Tuition Agreements

Preference in the admissions process will follow this order:

  1. Returning Our Lady of Sorrows School families who have children in the school and wish to enroll other siblings;
  2. Registered parishioners of Our Lady of Sorrows parish. Newly registered families (within one year of desired registration) outside the geographic confines of Our Lady of Sorrows parish will be required to pay out-of-parish tuition for a one-year trial membership period;
  3. Catholic students registered in parishes other than Our Lady of Sorrows without siblings currently in the school;
  4. Non-Catholic students.

The Pastor and Principal reserve the right to review all applications for admission prior to notification of status. In cases where space is limited in a given grade level, they may, at their sole discretion, determine to admit students in excess of the specified class size limit.