School Advisory Board

At Our Lady of Sorrows School, the students, teachers and families all work together to make the school as strong as it can be. Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to get involved in many different ways, such as the Home School Association and the School Advisory Board.

The School Advisory Board is responsible for advising the Pastor, through the Principal, in the development of policy with respect to the school, regarding areas such as the coordination of educational activities, utilization and maintenance of the school’s physical plant, long-range planning, and budgetary issues. To manage these responsibilities, the Board depends on the work of a number of Standing and Ad hoc committees. All decisions must be consistent with the policies and regulations of the Archdiocesan School Board, the Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Newark and the needs of Our Lady of Sorrows Parish.

The School Advisory Board typically meets on the first Monday of every other month (starting in September). All meetings are open to the public. An agenda of the meeting is published in advance of the meeting and sent home to school families.

2017-18 School Advisory Board
Msgr. Emery – Pastor
Judith Foley – Principal
Colleen McDonald – Chair & Development
Maria Pollard – Secretary
Frank McKeon – Marketing
J.D. O’Hara – Marketing
Cynthia Benjamin – Finance
Katricia Scantlebury – Finance
Peg O’Shaughnessy – Strategic Planning
John Sullivan – Development
Louie Torres – Facilities
Diana Tynan – Home School Association (HSA)