Science is an essential component in today’s technologically advanced world. At Our Lady of Sorrows, science plays an equally important role. All students from Kindergarten through 8th grade receive science instruction designed to aid them throughout their academic careers. Closely linked with accessible technology and hands-on experiments, students are given a wide range of resources to help them better understand and appreciate the wonder of God’s world.

Below are short descriptions of the programs at the different grade levels.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: At this stage in education, curiosity is an essential tool used for student growth. For this very reason, primary science education is centered on a surplus of scientific concepts. Students study basic principles and answer essential questions in order to gain a base in the three sub-divisions of general scientific study (Earth, Life, and Physical). Explored principles consist of, but are far from limited to, living/nonliving/once-living things, magnetism, forces, paleontology, weather, states of matter, keeping healthy and fit, the importance and power of water, fuels and energy sources, life cycles, basic plant and human biology as well as anatomy, and so many more! Students use the Discovery Works Science textbook series at this grade level as a supplement to their instruction.

3rd-5th Grade: At this level of study, students begin to focus on different aspects of previously learned concepts. By elaborating on these topics, students are able to gain mastery of core components of science such as life cycles, plate tectonics, energy sources, force and motion, astronomy, matter, and basic human biology. Students continue using the Discovery Works Science textbook series through these years. As 5th grade progresses, however, they become more acclimated to the middle school science program.

6th-8th Grades: Once students enter the middle school, they focus on key components of their scientific studies. Through these years, students use the Prentice Hall Science Explorer modular textbook series to supplement their instruction. Students in the 6th Grade focus on Earth sciences throughout the first part of the year. When approaching the final trimester they begin the basics of biological science with an in-depth study of cell theory and microbiology in order to prepare them for later years. In 7th Grade, students focus primarily on human and macro-biology. As with their previous year, the class begins a basic study of physical sciences to prepare for their final year in the third trimester. In 8th Grade, students spend the year focusing on all forms of physical science from Chemistry to Physics. Throughout the middle school, students have a readily accessible lab to perform classroom and after-school experiments. The middle school program is designed to prepare students for their freshman and sophomore years of high school science.