Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum focuses on global studies, Western Hemisphere and the United States. Our program utilizes maps (individual as well as class maps), graphs, charts, cooperative learning activities, audio visual materials, and field trips which enhance our curriculum.

Grade 1 – 2 – Our Social Studies curriculum encompasses many topics. We learn about types of land and water formations. We study neighborhoods, communities, countries, and continents with a focus on the United States. Children also learn how their families are unique and special and they deepen their understanding of their place in these aforementioned groups. American History is studied through units on American holidays, symbols of America and Special Americans.

Grade 3 – 5 – Our Social Studies curriculum comprises the study of communities, New Jersey history and geography, and American History, stressing the colonies, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the Constitution. All lessons are reinforced through the use of performed plays, guest speakers, research projects, field trips and videos.

Grade 6 – 8 – Our 6th grade studies the history and culture of the Western Hemisphere. The focus of our 7-8 grade is on American History. Students become active participants in their learning as they engage in group projects and American history simulations. Students read, review, respond to, and present current events articles on a weekly basis.