Our Lady of Sorrows School offers Spanish language instruction at all grade levels, from Pre-K4 through 8th grade. The goal of our program is to introduce our students to the Spanish language and to create an awareness of another culture in a fun and natural learning environment.

Pre-K4 (January to June)
The focus of this course is to provide a new and exciting introduction of the Spanish language for preschoolers through various activities. This is achieved through singing songs, basic greetings and conversation learning colors, numbers, shapes, celebrating holidays, and crafts for cultural holidays, such as Cinco de Mayo.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Spanish instruction focuses on continued development of basic vocabulary, phrases and conversations that are taught through prayers, songs, poems, playing games, reading short stories, and worksheet exercises. Children learn about and celebrate cultural holidays through vocabulary and activities.

3rd – 5th Grade
Spanish instruction focuses on basic grammar and vocabulary through the use of textbooks and workbooks which are used through eighth grade. The goal at this level is to begin perfecting the basic language skills of listening, writing, conversation and comprehension.

6th – 8th Grade
The goal of the middle school Spanish program is to make language acquisition a natural, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. The instruction is designed to help students attain a desired level of proficiency in the four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. At each grade level, with the use of the textbook, a strong grammar base is built. Emphasis is also placed on oral communication through the use of conversation and dialogue. Students are also exposed to Spanish culture through songs, rhymes, and poems as well as the customs of Spanish-speaking countries. Instruction also includes Spanish prayers and the lives of Spanish saints.