Home School Association

The Home School Association exists to encourage parish interest in the welfare of the School, to serve as an avenue of communication between parents/guardians and the School Administrators, to assist the Principal in routine and special activities and to develop social and fundraising activities for the benefit of the School.

All parents are encouraged to attend the General meetings held three times each year. The Association is administered by an elected Board of Officers. Elections are conducted each Spring for the following School year. Interested parents /guardians should contact the president of HSA for details on the nominating procedure.

Board Members
Diana Tynan – President
Karen McKeon – Vice-President
Michelle Lomuscio – Treasurer
Keri Donohue – Secretary
Amy O’Hara – Class Parents Coordinator
Becky Sabnekar – Volunteer Coordinator
Nancy Schaefer – Social Outreach Coordinator
Yolonda Severe – After School Enrichment Coordinator
Elena Torres – Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Deirdre LaBarre – Member at Large
Patricia Hamilton – Member at Large
Lauren Sullivan – Sports Committee Liaison

HSA Volunteer Service Contract

HSA By-Laws